Thursday, March 30, 2017

Recreate EBS 12.2.x Weblogic Domain

If you are facing errors mentioned in below Knowledge Base documents then the recommended solution from Oracle Support is to recreate the EBS Weblogic Domain.

Script Failed To Start AdminServer With "Cannot connect to Node Manager" Error (Doc ID 2086471.1)
After R12.2.4 Upgrade Found OPMNCTL Missing While Starting Services (Doc ID 1953456.1)

After applying AD/TXK Patches on 12.2.0, adop phase=cutover is failing on starting Apache OHS -- timing out (Doc ID 1952008.1)
12.2 E-Business Suite Users Report Error '10.4.5 404 Not Found From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1' When Attempting To Login After An Upgrade (Doc ID 2240807.1)

Working on EBS 12.2 is not same as how it was with 11i or R12.1.x, especially due to the tight dependency on weblogic. If you are a Fusion middleware DBA, you would know how it works and what is the relevance of the domain. The same things applies for 12.2.x also, all configuration comes under domain directory and if anything messed up there will cause a lot of issues and even you will not be able to start up anything as you have EBS depending completely on weblogic managed servers.
I have faced several issues working with 12.2 and issues with config.xml or passwords or while cloning the production to test, that might get complicated, so in this case you should think about the method of recreating the whole domain cleanly using the context file which is the base for creating all configuration files.
On Database Tier
1. Log into the database tier.
2. Source the environment.
3. Ensure that database and listener are up and running.
On Applications Tier
1. Source the RUN environment
2. $FND_TOP/bin/ -script=ChkEBSDependecies -server=ALL_SERVERS
3. cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

Below prompts are shown by the script:
  Enter the full path of Applications Context File [DEFAULT - ]: Complete path of the RUN context file
  Enter the server start mode for the domain [DEFAULT - prod]: prod
  Enter the APPS schema password :
  Enter weblogic admin server password :

4. Now Start all middle tier services using $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
5. This will fix the  issue in run filesystem. To propagate the change to patch filesystem run fs_clone.
The above command will create the whole EBS domain.
You can take backup of the existing domain before running above command for safety purpose or to compare files.

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