Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Big Data Eco System and Landscape 2018

Big Data is the new “black gold” or “oil”.  However, at least in my conversations with people in the industry, there’s an increasing sense of having reached some kind of plateau.

Big data is a term often used to describe data sets whose size is beyond the capability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage and process.

Big data can be generated from many different sources including,
Social networks,
Banking and Financial services
E-commerce services
Web-centric services
Internet search indexes
Scientific and document searches
Medical records
Web logs

The sheer size of the data combined with complexity of analysis and commercial imperative to create value from it, has led to a new class of technologies and tools to exploit it.

The term big data tends to be used in multiple ways, often referring to both;
-The type of data being managed.
-The technology used to store and process it.

Mostly, these technologies originated from companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Linked-In, where they were developed for each company's own use to analyze the massive amounts of social media data being produced. Due to the nature of these companies, the emphasis was on low cost scale-out commodity hardware and open source software.
As the Big Data landscape gets busier every year, one obvious question comes to mind:  is the industry on the verge of a massive wave of consolidation? It doesn’t appear so, at least for now.

Big Data + AI = The New Stack
Below is the complete Big Data Landscape 2018 and the Eco System with their description.

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