Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seeded scripts in FND_TOP/sql as of r12.1.3

Following are the seeded scripts in $FND_TOP/sql directory available from EBS Version r12.1.3. These are very useful and safe to run without any performance impact, you can connect to the database and run them as APPS user,

afcmcreq - Prints the log file name of managers that can run a given request
afcmstat - Displays all defined managers and shows current status of manager processes
afimchk - Checks to see if the concurrent manager monitor is actually running
afimlock - Monitors locks that the ICM and CRM are waiting for.
afimpmon - Sets the PMON methd based on the argument (for CONC_PMON_METHOD)
afimveri - Resets the concurrent manager monitor
afrqpend - Lists all the pending/normal requests
afrqrun - Lists all running, terminating, and paused requests
afrqscm - Prints the log file names of managers that can run a given request
afrqstat - Summarizes concurrent request execution since a particular date
afrquwait - Selects all the Pending request with status Q

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