Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oracle IAM the best Identity Management Product

Comparision of Identity Management Tools from ORACLE, IBM, CA, MICROSOFT and QUEST

After taking Proof of Concept POC from various vendors for their Identity and Access management IAM product the following is the comparision analysis report,

What is Identity Management?
Securing your IT assets from within
•Management of digital user identities through their complete lifecycle Employee hire to promotion to departure
•Securing access to applications and information
•Authentication: proving you are who you say you are
•Authorization: what you have access to, when, where
•Profile: attributes about you

How Can IAM Suite Help any Organization?
Establish Enterprise Identity, Roles and Single Sign On
•Enforce strong password policies via synchronization or single sign-on (SSO)
•Consolidate multiple, complex identity environments to a single enterprise identity source
•Automate linkage of employee records with user accounts
•Establish enterprise roles for automation, compliance and business continuity
•Eliminate rogue and orphaned accounts •Automate detection of fraudulent activities based on policies
•Implement strong authentication and risk based authorization for critical apps
•Enforce minimal access rights based on roles, attributes, and requests
•Implement automated attestation for entitlements, roles, policies, workflows, etc.