Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weblogic Monitoring Dashboard WLDF

Weblogic Administration Console Monitoring Dashboard is used to Monitor Weblogic Runtime Performance for various resources. Below is the screenshot of WLDF Console Extension dashboard.
Click on the below picture to expand and see how the Weblogic monitoring dashboard looks like,

There are two ways to access the WL monitoring dashboard,

1. URL to access monitoring dashboard is - http://servername:portnumber/console/dashboard
Example - http://fmwwlsrv1:7031/console/dashboard , where weblogic admin server is running on fmwwlsrv1 server on port 7031


2. You can also access the monitoring console by following the below path,

Access admin console (http://edolraclin1:7031/console) > click on your domain (IDMDomain)> click on 'Home' tab > click on "Monitoring Dashboard" under chart and graphs option on right hand side > Select 'JVM Runtime Heap' option on left hand side to monitor heap usages > select the graph type you want from right hand corner option > click on run button to monitor.

By default it will monitor heap usages in every 30 minutes of interval and will plot the graph. In the above screenshot, orange bar showing total heap allocated and blue showing total used one.
To stop monitoring click on red button at left upper corner. Similarly you can choose other options to monitor.

If you do not see the monitoring dashboard option then follow below steps to install it on your domain

1. Go to $WL_HOME\server\lib\console-ext directory and check if you have 'diagnostics-console-extension.jar' file
2. Copy diagnostics-console-extension.jar file to your DOMAIN-DIR/console-ext directory eg: /u03/oracle/mwoam/user_projects/domains/IAMDomain/console-ext
3. Restart Admin Server and then you will be able to use the console dashboard

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