Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Migrating autoconfig to database tier

If you don't have appsutil on the database tier then follow the below steps to configure appsutil to migrate autoconfig to database tier.

1. Copy AutoConfig to the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME as the APPLMGR user:

- source the environment file on application tier:
. /APPS_MI/visappl/APPSORA.env

- On the application tier, Create file
[applmgr@apps ~]$ perl $AD_TOP/bin/

- Now Copy the to the Database Tier (as the ORACLE user) and unzip it:

[applmgr@dbhome ~] cd /APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0
[applmgr@dbhome ~] cd unzip -o

2. Now generate Database Context File
cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin

perl tier=db appsuser=APPS

If the listener.ora is not created in /APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/network/admin/VIS_db this will generates an error which can be ignored.

The above script will generate the following context file:

3. This is an optional step but you can review and Resolve Manual Configuration Changes by following script,
cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin
./ contextfile=/APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/VIS_db.xml

The following report will be generated: /APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/out/VIS_db/05072108/cfgcheck.html

This report provide information about all file changes, profile option changes and other important database updates that will be done during the next normal execution of AutoConfig

4. Generate and Apply AutoConfig Configuration files
cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin
./ contextfile=/APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/VIS_db.xml

This command creates /APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_db/ and run it.

/APPS_DB_R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/network/admin/VIS_db/listener.ora will be created as well.

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